Hand creams and a new discovery

I have dry hands. Really dry. Flaky nails, terrible cuticles, rough knuckles.

You’d think I did a manual job. But I don’t. I spend a lot of time at my keyboard, tapping away. I do, however, wash my hands a lot.  This wicks away moisture from my digits like you wouldn’t believe, and I think that’s why they’ve ended up in the state they’re in.

Because of this, I’m obviously no stranger to a good hand cream. I have a few on rotation at the moment (click the product names in my list for web links):  

My current rotation of hand lotions, potions and scrubs – collaged from official images as mine are frankly, too battered to be posted here!

  • Jurlique Rose Hand Cream* (on the dressing table) – smells beautiful, takes a while to absorb but makes me feel like I have had a great, soothing hand massage. It’s very rich, and you can feel it has some lovely oils in it that are doing the skin the world of good.  The rose scent lingers forever – and I am a lover of all things rose, so this is great for me! 
  • Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream (in my handbag) – this is a small 50ml tube that travels well. It has a Clarins-y scent which I like, absorbs quickly but doesn’t seem to do much for my nails. I’ve gotten countless tubes of this as part of Clarins sets or gifts with purchase, and I’m always pleased to get it, but it’s one product I don’t think I’ll ever go and buy on its own as I just don’t feel it’s as effective as others I have.
  • Molton Brown Rok Mint Hand Lotion (in the bathroom) – I use this most times I wash my hands, and it has a unisex smell that I adore. It’s actually been rebranded (and possibly reformulated) now to Rok Radish & Basil Enriching Hand Lotion, as part of Molton Brown’s recent changes. I haven’t tried the new formula as I still have 1/4 bottle of Rok Mint left.  If you have, please let me know what you think in the comments.
  • Neal’s Yard Melissa Hand Cream (in my manicure kit) – this lemon balm scented marvel stays in my ‘at home’ nail kit because it’s so rich, I can’t use it on the go. It takes a long time to sink into the skin, but once it does, it’s like a super moisture injection. I use it in conjunction with the cuticle balm and hand polish from the same range about once a fortnight when I properly ‘do’ my nails.  That reminds me, I’ve ran out of the hand polish – I need to repurchase this as it’s brilliant.

Writing this, I realise I have a lot of hand creams and lotions!  I probably have more if I dredge the depths of my dressing table – but in fairness, this is what happens when you have dry skin.  A tip I would share, is that when my hands are really bad (you know, that painfully dry skin that can plague you this time of year?) I add a few drops of Nuxe Hulie Prodigieuse  to my hand cream, just to give it a boost. It smells amazing and it really does help.

I think, however, I may have found another star addition to my lineup of hand-loving beauties.  

QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care – Jimi looks on and thinks ‘man, this would have been good for my fingers

I have to admit, I’d never heard of QMS Medicosmetics before finding them on Twitter.  My interest immediately perked up when I saw they were a cosmetic company founded by a Doctor (Dr. med. Erich Schulte)  There are a handful of seemingly brilliant examples of this out there at the moment (Perricone, Goldfaden, Zelens) so I think this adds a decent dash of credibility to a brand.

QMS have a simple ethos of ‘to look good is to feel good’ – which I sometimes agree with. It certainly does help if you’re having a bad day, and someone comments on your hair, or glowing skin. It’s an instant pick-me-up.  I do like the knowledge that they were borne out of Dr Schulte’s research into wound healing, that definitely made me think that the products would be effective.

I was sent the Hand Care* to try initially.  This is very different from the products I’ve listed above in that, it’s not a lotion, it’s not heavily scented, it’s not greasy… it is very much functional. But when you have skin like mine, this is a good thing!  The packaging is sleek and simple – a nice handbag-friendly 75ml too. 

The product itself is rich textured almost balm-like, but I was quite astonished when it absorbed instantly. I’ve bought hand creams in the past that make this claim, but have never seen one that actually really did this. This for me makes it a great choice for out and about in the car  (nothing worse than putting hand cream on to realise you need to wait ages before you can safely grip that wheel!).  It leaves a really soft, velvety texture to the skin. Not a hint of slip or grease. No lingering scent. Just moisture.

I really like this product. What I most enjoyed though, was that the product does seem to sit ever so slightly on the nails themselves – so it’s nice to massage across the beds.  After using for less than a week (without my usual heroes!), I’ve noticed my cuticles are in much better condition. My knuckles aren’t scaly anymore and my hands just feel soft.  It is pretty brilliant stuff.

So, it’s now ‘bye-bye’ to Clarins as my handbag duty hand cream, and hello QMS to replace it. I reckon it’ll fit in fine.
Are you a worshipper of woollen mittens this time of year like me then? Desperately hiding your hands from the cold?  Or are you lucky and have amazing skin – if so, what’s your secret?

What are your top 3 hand care products (do I need to try them?!). 



  1. November 26, 2013 / 2:38 am

    Faith Castle26 November 2013 01:36
    I bet your hands are great really Hun! What sort of scents do you like in hand products? (I'm obviously a sucker for Rose, but I was going to say if you like more herbal/spa-y type scents then try the mini of the Aveda Hamd Relief. It's less than a fiver I think & it's lovely for an intro to the brand. I can't believe I missed it off my post!!

    Faith xx