Product Love – Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Back for some more product lovin’? I’ve got you covered today – kind of.  Today is all about light coverage, sheer tinted makeup.

bareMinerals have released their Complexion Rescue* and it feels like a game changer.  You’re probably wondering what a Complexion Rescue actually is, and that’s okay, I’ve been there – yes, it does sound like it’s probably some sort of face mask – but it’s not. In fact it’s a very lightweight ‘gel cream’ textured base, that gives a very sheer (but buildable) coverage to the skin.

It’s not a BB cream, or a tinted moisturiser, or a CC cream (or a foundation), but instead it’s like this clever bundle of all of them. I think it applies best with fingers, honestly, leave those brushes where they are and get stuck in. A tiny amount will give a sheer and radiant look and you can go back in with a second (or dare I say, third?) layer if you want a little more coverage.

Why do I love it?

Mainly because it’s a very light texture. The gel type formula means it’s quite cooling on the skin and doesn’t exacerbate any sensitivity or redness – in fact, it feels like it calms my skin down when it’s having a slightly angry day.

Complexion Rescue also has a mineral-based SPF 30, so it is one of the few times I can feel happy forgoing an additional sun screen when I’m out in these heady (well, mainly rainy, but we wish they were heady) summer days.  Don’t forget, if you’re relying on this for sun protection then please apply a good amount and reapply as and when needed, just as you would a ‘normal’ SPF.

BareMinerals have packed this tint full of superb hydrating humectants too, so it really does keep dehydrated and dry skin in check.

Last but not least, I love Complexion Rescue because it likes my freckles. It doesn’t mask them or take all the tone and texture out of my face. It lets all the good stuff come through, but very gently and subtly smooths out those not so great bits.  It also comes in a good shade range. I wear Opal, the lightest shade for those of us of a porcelain persuasion.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, Ready Blusher (in French Kiss) & Stroke of Light brightener

Is it for you?

This isn’t a long lasting or full coverage makeup, so if you want a light, hydrating (but oil-free) base with added SPF, then YES.

If you have very oily skin, I would try a sample, but I feel like this may not be the best base for you. I find my slightly oily nose needs to be kept in check with powder when using this – but try it, you never know.

Other bareMinerals products I like:

I love the original bareMinerals foundation for extra coverage. This actually works with the Complexion Rescue really well. A dusting of ‘original’ keeps the tinted gel in place for most of the day and minimises the shine on the T-zone.

I’ve also just started to gain a bit of a dependency on their Stroke of Light eye brightener. A light diffusing tint that seems to work wonders for my under-eye dark circles – more on that soon!

Have you tried BareMinerals makeup?  Let me know in the comments, or tag me in any of your Instagram pics of your collection – music_and_eyeliner !

*Complexion Rescue was sent to me to review. I’ve tried it for a good month and this is my honest opinion of the product – thing is, now I’m going to have to keep buying it forever, hmm. 



  1. June 15, 2015 / 4:41 pm

    Love the shade of this blush perfect for summer. Liking the sound of the Complexion Rescue too I haven't been wanting to wear a foundation since being pregnant just tinted moisturisers as Ive have quite dry skin so this sounds perfect xx