Summer Skin Superheroes

Summer Skin-2

Summer equals bare legs. Which in turn (for me) equals that pretty awful moment when the realisation that around 9 months of ‘leg hibernation’ have resulted in blotchy, dry pins.
Not cool legs, not cool.

So what’s to be done? Well, the same thing everyone does I suppose. Panic exfoliate! Panic moisturise! Panic fake tan (if you’re so inclined)!
But there are products out there that will help out more than others. Here’s my suggestions for those scrubs, oils and body butters that will help you on your way to super smooth summer skindom.
Yes, I said skindom – I made it up, give me some license here.

Best Exfoliants


ESPA Exfoliating Body Polish

Caudalie Divine Scrub

Sancturary Ultimate Salt Scrub
With these you just scrub all over, then rinse off to reveal skin with more glow – just don’t rub too hard or that glow will just be redness – ouch.

The Caudalie Divine Scrub is a little bit of a luxury. It has that delicious ‘Divine’ scent that the whole range has and is really thick and quite oily, so after scrubbing it leaves you all super soft and smooth (this is where the body oil post-shower is probably easier and better than the body butters).

I like the ESPA polish because it can be used pre-shower to concentrate on the really dry bits, and the Sanctuary one is a great price for a huge pot of the stuff.
Best Body Moisturisers


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

Kaeso Beauty Moisturising Souffle

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter

So the first one isn’t strictly your standard moisturiser, but Nuxe’s Hulie Prodigieuse is one of those fabulous multi taskers. It’s a spray dry oil that smells (in my opinion) like everything summer smells like. Drops of this massaged into the skin leaves a lovely scent and sheen – you can also pop a spray or two in your hair as a pre-shampoo treatment; or on dry ends. Just to tempt you further, Nuxe have a 20% off ‘everything’ sale on until 22/07/2015, making the oil £22.40 instead of £28.00.

The Kaeso moisturising souffle looks like a normal body butter, but it seems to magically absorb really quickly. The smell leaves a bit to be desired – Mulberry and Mallow – it’s just a bit too sweet to be pleasant, but the results are superbly moisturised limbs, fast.

Soap and Glory’s (probably) best known product doesn’t really need another review, but here you are anyway. The Righteous Butter has the signature Soap and Glory scent (why is it so nice?) and the massive tub of the unctuous moisturiser will keep you joyously slathering it on for months.

I’m not going to talk about fake tan here, as it’s not something I really do. However, that being said, I have recently been trying a little bit of the St Tropez in-shower gradual tan. More testing is needed before I praise it really but so far, so good (not biscuity, not orange and pretty much made for a novice like myself).

Go forth, scrub and butter yourselves up, for the sun has arrived!