The perfect facial oil for all skin types

The Perfect Facial Oil? Nude Progenius Rescue Oil review

There are so many facial oils on the market now, it’s hard to choose, isn’t it?  Especially if you have skin that doesn’t necessarily fit 100% into a ‘type’.

If asked, I usually describe my skin as dry and dehydrated. But it’s also a little troublesome on the T-Zone sometimes, but not enough to be ‘combination’. Oh, and then there’s the sensitive side of my skin – the redness, blotchy patches and generally reactive nature of it.  There’s also the fine lines that are now appearing in my mid-30’s; the break outs on my jaw occasionally due to medication and well, it’s really quite a mixed bag.  Because of all this, I often find products too heavy, or not emollient enough. I feel like the Goldilocks of the skincare world! Well, finally, I’ve found a facial oil that is just right.

Nude have released a new product in their Progenius range (which I’m already a long-time lover of). The Rescue Oil is designed to ‘revive, repair and defend’ – and I’m so pleased to say it does all this and more.

Nude Pro Genius Rescue Oil Bottle Review

Rather than being a rich, thick oil, or a kind of serum textured one, Nude Rescue Oil is almost like a dry oil. It’s extremely light and absorbs straight into the skin. This makes it perfect for daytime use. No waiting ages for your oil to sink in before applying makeup – brilliant for those morning rushes.

The oil contains bakuchiol which they call ‘natures alternative to retinol’. That is an exciting claim, as retinol is such an effective ingredient in skincare, but it can wreak havoc on sensitive or reactive skin. To have an ingredient that delivers similar results without the harsh side effects, is a triumph.  The ingredients of Nude’s rescue oil read like a veritable skin-treat fact sheet: rosemary, thyme, cold-pressed rose hip oil, bakuchiol, safflower seed oil, coleus root, squalene, papaya, hibiscus, carrot, jojoba – the list goes on.  It’s a wonderful, nourishing mix that doesn’t contain any ‘nasties’ (sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, silicones etc). So I felt confident trying it from the off.

After giving the oil a few month’s worth of testing, every day, I’m pleased to say it really does work. It provides a lovely base for my moisturiser; alleviates any sore patches on the face (especially after catching a little too much sun one day); smooths; brightens and smells amazing.

Facial oil for all skin types - Nude Progenius Facial Oil flat lay shot

To use, you need 2 or 3 tiny drops massaged into your face and neck. I use this straight after toning on a morning (and sometimes evening too), and before my moisturiser.  I’ve barely put a dent in the 30ml bottle, so although it’s not a cheap purchase, it’s one that will last for a very long time and deliver good value for money.

I’ll be using every last drop of the Nude Progenius Rescue Oil, as you can probably tell by this review! I also love their cleanser, ‘original’ Progenius oil and Miracle Mask. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled now for the inevitable Christmas sets that will appear in Space NK any day now as they usually have a great mix of Nude’s product range in them at a decent price.

What’s your favourite facial oil? Or have you not tried one because you’re worried it will exacerbate oily skin? Let me know in the comments.



  1. September 4, 2015 / 3:27 pm

    I love me an oil! This one sounds gorgeous. My current favourites are Sunday Riley Luna, Clarins Blue Orchid (adore the scent too), and AD Skin Synergy Night Nourishing Treatment.

    • September 5, 2015 / 8:26 am

      Definitely second the Clarins Blue Lotus Oil – that is one of my favourite scents. It’s so relaxing!

      I haven’t tried any Sunday Riley products yet Sarah, I think I need to try this Luna that everyone is talking about!