Baker Days – hello, you can get CAKE in your POST

It’s lovely to get nice things in the post. The best ones are cards, flowers, presents (yes, shallow, but this is true isn’t it). So, okay, you can only go and get cake sent in the post!

Cake. In the post.  With your bills and stuff.  That definitely makes me feel better about getting a ridiculous gas bill through.

Baker Days are the purveyors of this wonderous thing.  It’s a very simple idea: if it’s an occasion worthy of a cake, they’ve got one for it.  Lucky me, they sent me one to try*. Doesn’t it look snazzy with my blogger header on it?

Baker Days letterbox cake with the header design!

The letterbox cakes come, as you’ve probably guessed, in the ‘normal’ post, through your letterbox. No signing for them, which means (gladly), no waiting in for the postie.  
Sceptical about a cake being handled by Royal Mail? About it landing with gusto on your doormat?
I was too, but my glorious gluten free cake arrived 100% in tact, safely snuggled, wrapped up inside a protective tin, which was inside a cardboard outer.  

Cake, in the post, in a tin, with sweets – it’s all too much.

It also came with a sweet card, and (this excited me way more than it should have) a teeny pack of Love Hearts.

Such a good present idea, these cakes from Baker Days are so cute


The cake itself, small and perfectly formed.  I received a single tier vanilla gluten-free sponge, sandwiched with jam top and bottom, and a layer of vanilla buttercream below the sweet icing.

Vanilla gluten-free sponge, jam top and bottom, topped with vanilla buttercream and icing. All the yums.

Gluten free cakes can often be chalky or slightly dusty tasting, or the other end of the spectrum – they can be over-saturated with fat, to make them ‘moist’.  This cake, however, is not like its commercial counterparts.  It’s got an almost ‘normal’ crumb, and a lovely texture.  As a whole, the cake is very sweet – but this works as it is small. You don’t need a large piece to be satisfied you’ve had your cake and eaten it.

I’d be happy to send one of these bad boys to a friend or relative… with Mother’s Day coming up, it’s worth having a look at their selection (here).  They also do cupcakes, personalised birthday cakes and, gluten and wheat free cakes (yes!).

What do you think? Fancy a cake and a cuppa?

*Cake kindly sent from for review. All words and opinion are my own.
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  1. March 20, 2014 / 4:43 pm

    It looks beautiful, but that comes in my post!? Just had a look on the site and oh my god, best present idea ever? who needs cards anymore!?
    Fantastic post hun, I can see me putting on weight over this haha! xx

  2. March 24, 2014 / 10:55 am

    Almost as good as your local cake delivery eh?! 😉 (although, I reckon cheesecake wins!).