Northern Monk Refectory – Leeds

Yorkshire feels like it’s at the epicentre of brewing at the moment. New micro and craft breweries seem to be springing up all the time, and existing purveyors of beer are doing exciting collaborations and dabbling with different flavours. It’s a really great time to be in and around Leeds if you’re a fan of beer.

Northern Monk have recently set up a true north, permanent residence in LS11, bringing a Grade II listed mill back to life in Holbeck Village. Better still, they’ve now joined forces with The Grub & Grog Shop to bring us The Refectory.

Northern Monk Refectory 
Up on the first floor of Northern Monk HQ now sits a bar – as you might expect, stocking Northern Monk’s own offerings, but alongside other greats too.  I happily noticed Saltaire Brewery were also on tap here, amongst others.  They also do great coffee – courtesy of North Star (Leeds’ Micro Roasters extraordinare) – even a beery collaboration is available, the Northern Star Mocha Porter.

Mmmm. Beer.

Northern Monk Refectory – not just beer though, some fine gin present!
Failed arty-glasses shot. Have it anyway. You’re welcome.

Of course, the Grub & Grog shop provide the wonderful food (I loved the Ox tongue hash with cauliflower mash) from breakfast to dinner – all well priced too, cheers guys!

Excited for the Grub & Grog Shop’s food samples

Northern Monk’s refectory gives another really good reason to venture slightly out of the main city centre drag when you’re after some grub and a pint. Prices are decent, staff are friendly and helpful, the venue looks great, and there’s events planned for the near future too – a pop up gallery is currently on the top floor (I have my eye on one of the prints!).

Go: Monday – Wednesday 10am-5pm
       Thursday – Sunday 10am – 10pm

Eat: Anything from Grub & Grog Shop – main courses cost under 7 pounds!

Drink: Northern Monk’s Dark Arches (several pints of).

Click for more info on Northern Monk , Grub and Grog Shop and North Star coffee

True North? You betcha.


  1. November 6, 2014 / 12:56 pm

    Leeds is totally the best place for craft beer! There's a place in Doncaster that serves only local ales and they do them in small batches so they are constantly getting something different. More power to small breweries!

  2. November 7, 2014 / 12:57 pm

    We seem to be getting loads more great little bars and breweries every month! It's the best place to be.
    I'd love to check that place in Donny out – can you drop me a link please?