Wine tasting with Veeno in Leeds City Centre

Wine tasting in Leeds with Veeno Would you like to go wine tasting in Leeds?  When that email lands in your inbox, you say yes. Am I right?  Courtesy of Veeno, I went along to try their Selezione wine tasting.  This consists of five wines (two white, one rose, two reds) alongside cheese and meats.  All of this costs £26.90 per person.  That feels like a very fair price for 6 premium wines and snacks.

The wine tasting experience

Throw away any pre-conceived ideas you have of wine tasting. With Veeno Leeds you get an intimate experience that’s more about enjoying the wine, rather than a swift run through products to find the one you want to buy.  This wine tasting is more about sharing a few glasses with your friends over some cheese and charcuterie. By listening to the information on the wines that Veeno provide, and comparing your favourites, you are ‘technically’ learning. It makes for a relaxed and fun night. And fully justifiable, because it’s personal growth by study. Right?

Two glasses of white wine sit on a table accompanied by mozzarella and olive oil, which is served on a wooden board.

Veeno Leeds’ speciality wine tasting

By wine tasting with Veeno, I learned that the wines on offer are all from their own vineyard in Sicily.  So, the benefit of this is that they are passionately familiar with the flavours and products that they have in the bar. It’s clear that they know them like the back of their hand and can recommend the perfect pairing for you.  How nice is that?

I previously tried their standard wine tasting when Veeno first opened, and so I can promise you, it is still very nice.

The two of us spent around 2 hours in the bar. Leisurely drinking, snacking and chatting. Of course, that didn’t feel rushed in any way. We found the staff in Veeno really accommodating regarding accessibility, too.

Red wine glasses sit on a table, accompanied by Gorgonzola


Veeno aren’t just about the set wine tasting. Anyone can pop into the bar at any time and enjoy a glass of their favourite.  Of course, there’s some tasty food to accompany drinks.  Bruschetta (or bruschette, to use the authentic spelling’) is on the menu with fiery n’duja sausage. Or, if you fancy something a little more mild, there’s a lovely caprese salad – that perfect marriage of creamy mozerella and ripe tomatoes. I’m getting hungry just typing this.

Simply put, it’s a good little place to have snacks and wine in Leeds City Centre. I’d wager it would make a nice venue for a relaxed work Christmas ‘do.

The wine tasting was complimentary for the purposes of review. This has not influenced our opinion.