New year, new what?

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Oh, hello.  Yes, it’s me.  Keeping my tradition of posting my ‘new year’ blog post well and truly into January.

How’s 2016 treating you so far?

Me? I’m still reeling from the loss of the great David Bowie. Lamenting over no more Lemmy, and very sad that the wonderful Alan Rickman has departed.

The loss of these (and many other) brilliant creatives has highlighted what a rich pool of talent we have in ‘our time’.  Aren’t we lucky?  Does it inspire you to write that short story? Maybe to grab that bass that’s gathering dust?  How about getting creative with your hands and making something?

It’s absolutely had that effect on me.  I’m a frustrated creative.  A seemingly boundless supply of ideas, yet currently lacking the ability to realise them.  I could make excuses here, and blame my situation – situation / ‘new’ disability, call it what you will – but if I am honest (and I will be here), before this, there has always been a reason to not spend that time on a personal project.  Maybe it’s been work. Perhaps it’s been money, or space, or equipment, or lack of skill.  There’s always going to be an obstacle.

So, new year new me?  Nah.  New year, less excuses. That’s what I’m working to here.  Finding ways to get things done. Learning more.  Contributing more.

How about you?  What are you doing this year?


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